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Clarifying Aloe


"I ordered the Aloe Bar soap and it's amazing and works miracles!! I've had a few discolorations for years and your soap cleared it up!! Using your products worked better for me than using products my dermatologist recommended". - @cbliss_ful

"This Aloe soap is sooo goood!!! I also use it while i'm steaming my face so it can get deeper into my skin 101/10!". - @kimkillaa



Dry flaky skin? Eczema flaring up? Try out our vegan Hydrating Shea n Honey Bar which gives your skin tons of moisture, and is also high in vitamin A & E. Check out his glowing skin!

"Your Body Butters are my new favorite products right now. No kidding I love how they literally MELT into your hand, and the smell lasts the whole day". - @sally.joliee

"I got the Shea & Cocoa Body Butter and my Aloe Face and Body Bar! The Body Butter smells sooooo good omg i'm so excited to test out these products!". - @mp.e